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The Southwick Sentinel

May 4, 2012

SOUTHWICK, Ma.– With only four days left, compromised school board officials working closely with MSBA and a very small group of  far-left wing progressive extremists, are trying their darnedest (to no avail), to invite the Fed to rape and pillage them even more than they already are.  One thing that concerns voters in this rural paradise is the fact that a few of their neighbors may be blindly agreeing with parts of the school improvement proposal without fully understanding the impact of the plan.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the reception of Federal grant monies for any projects or “improvements” to local infrastructure, law enforcement, educational facilities, etc. is much more than meets the eye.  One thing for certain, is the voters are saying no, in droves, and no amount of “peace, love, and understanding” will shake the ground they are making a stand on.

With the MSBA appearing to be a broker for The Fed and it’s dirty money, it is obvious that they will be taking a cut off the top for themselves.

Here are the voices of a few of the residents of the Southwick-Tolland-Granville area, commenting on the issue in the latest article about it in the blog.

“The town of Southwick “WILL NOT” shelter their seniors from large tax increases based on projects like this. You have to be very very old and on your death bed to get your property taxes frozen. This project does make sense; however, the unfair treatment of seniors to bankroll an improvement for future generations isn’t fair and I will be voting no agian!!!! Wake up southwick, if you don’t shelter your seniors, they will line up to stop most any major spending like this project!!!! Seniors can’t work overtime to get extra money for anything! A fixed income REALLY IS FIXED!!!!!


“Un fair Practices ” Re Vote our way or take the Highway!!” I heard there is a group of people out there and their main goal is to go door to door to sign-up every 18 year old to vote yes at the next election that the town has spin doctored up. So people of Southwick it looks like the next election will be over ridden by a huge number of young people that don’t own any property in Southwick at all. What a shame!!” “The Towns commitee sould all should resign. Stop persueing this matter with more votes and plans that don’t make since! Once a vote has been decided the project should be killed. The town’s pulling the wool over us your not paying less taxes because the actual amount is only on the drawing board.”–supra

“What happens if it fails again? Do they seek a third vote?”–amherstnutjob

“Absurdity at it’s finest. At first, I was a supporter of the project because the schools do need upgrades and general repairs; however, the townspeople rejected the vote based on their own reasons. Understandably, with the other tax increases this town has been hit with over the last few years, townspeople are hesitant to agree to another tax hike.

For this committee to come back with a “revised” plan that removes only 2.5 million dollars with a guesstimated lower tax rate that isn’t even locked in, followed by outwardly blaming the voter for not “understanding” what we were voting for is a slap in the face.

The committee members need to face facts: the voters said no. You didn’t get what you wanted. Move on. Stop wasting our time with these nonsense “revised” plans and re-votes.”–pianoman85

“Taxed Enough Already! No means NO! Give up your tax deductions for your kids first, pay equal taxes on all your income first, pay equally into social security on all your income first THEN come after those on limited incomes to pay even more than they already do for your kids schooling. Pay your fair share first and you won’t need to steal more from us.”–10sne1


Feds Using Extortion And Blackmail On Local Police Departments.

April 20, 2012
The Southwick Sentinel

HOLYOKE, Mass. – In a public notice released on the Holyoke Police Department’s website April 13, Police Chief James M. Neiswanger announced the City’s receipt of a $38,000 grant awarded by the Department of Justice. In another public notice issued on the City’s website a week later, Mayor Alex B. Morse’s Administration announced an increase in the amount awarded, $47,309… or was it just another payment?

The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant issued by the Office of Justice Programs of the U.S. Department of Justice, is a $2 billion program which is used in combination with several other grants issued by the DOJ to help with the implementation of the Recovery Act.

Within the provisions for the Byrne Grant, are stipulations which suggest that it is not a one-time acceptance of money, but rather a continuous flow, so the $38K and $47,309 misnomers seem to be deliberate obfuscations of the truth.

Eyebrows are being raised about what this could mean, since “It is the intention of the Holyoke Police Department to use the Justice Assistance Grant to purchase police equipment that will enhance our Uniform Patrol Division and Traffic Division, which will strengthen the Holyoke Police Department’s mission to ‘Serve and Protect’.”

Natural News‘ Ethan Huff reports on an example of the corrupted behavior displayed by those associated with distribution of the Recovery Act funds and those who participate in its programs. The article demonstrates how the Fed is funneling money through the hands of criminals and is being used as a carrot on a stick to get local police departments to do whatever they are told, regardless if it is against the law.

The Holyoke Police Department’s mission to “Serve and Protect” is clear… but who exactly is served and protected with the distribution of these funds? A closer look at the Byrne Grant reveals some of the resources that are to be used by its recipients upon acceptance of its funds. One of them is an undercover web-based spy network that appears to be a front for a way for local police to report to the DOJ any real threats to the status quo establishment.

After careful research into these grant programs, one can easily come to the conclusion that Mayor Alex B. Morse and his administration have been colluding with lobbyists in order to deceive the public. Or should the public just come to the conclusion that the mayor skimmed $9300 off the top for himself?

Comments may be e-mailed to or mailed to:
The Holyoke Police Department, 138 Appleton Street, Holyoke, MA 01040, Attention: Captain Denise Duguay, on or before May 14, 2012

Mayor Alex B. Morse

Mayoral Aides:

Tessa Murphy-Romboletti

Executive Assistant to the Mayor

(413) 322-5510.

Nilka M. Ortiz

Mayoral Aide


Theresa A. Vincent

Mayoral Aide


Read more about the Recovery Act, and the grants associated with it’s implementation: Here; Here; Here

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