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Hegelian Dialectic

In The Empire Of Lies
Truth is Treason, didn’t you get the news
A war for your mind
Look in the mirror the resistance is you
Your television lies
at PrisonPlanet you’ll get the truth
The war is genocide
They’re poisoning Air, Water and Food
Believe me it gets much worse
It’s The Empire Of Lies
We can save a country I believe’s worth saving
End The Fed, End The Fed
Taking…..advantage of The People,
Thats why we’re saying
End The Fed, End The Fed
—————————————————————— Club Bilderberg
CFR and the Bohemian Grove
Plot one world government
And we’re the slaves they plan to control
The Rothschilds….
Own half the wealth of the world
Murder by suicide”
Choice of death of those who speak out of turn
I’m afraid it still gets much worse
It’s The Empire Of Lies
What did you think that we…

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